Written by RGT   
Saturday, 11 July 2020 13:58



     I pray about everything. I love to see God come through in ways only He could dream up. About a month ago we started getting some hot weather. It was a pleasant change because until early June, it had been downright chilly! I asked God to provide a dependable, cheap air conditioner. I went on Craigslist and found a guy who was selling several for $25 each. I prayed as I drove there for wisdom to know if they were junk or not. The gentleman had 5 sitting on a table with a long extension cord from his house out to this picnic table they sat on. One was running full bore. I knelt down in front of it and waited about 3 minutes. It was blowing hard, but certainly not cold. It felt like one of my 5 dollar fans. I thought about what I would say to him as I prepared to leave (he had a pit bull mind you!). I just figured I would say, “Thanks, but no.” As I stood up, the condenser kicked on and the air conditioner began pouring out cold air. It felt great! I told him what I had been considering and he said, “It’s hot out here. You have to give them a little while to ‘warm up’.” He loaded it into my car and I have enjoyed numerous great nights sleeping without sweating. What a blessing!

     As I’ve thought about this over this last month, the Lord has continued to remind me that if He cares about a little $25 dollar purchase, but more importantly about one of His children getting needed rest, then He most certainly cares about the bigger things I’ve been praying for a while. Things like making new Godly friends, seeing my dad saved, finding a few accountable brothers, meeting a Godly helpmate and best friend, using my gifts to encourage the body, and the restoration of my life. God reminded me in that little $25 dollar lesson, that He’s got me covered, period! That there is “Nothing too difficult for Him.” (Jer. 32:17) Whatever you may think about, care about, pray about, hope for, and desire in your heart (that originates with Him!!), He has it under control! He loves you very much. (John 3:16) He is love! (1 John 4:8)

     I spent some sweaty nights before looking for an air conditioner. He knew beforehand I was going to pray and go looking. He knew my need before I did! So let me ask you. Are you laying your kids, your marriage, your finances, your unsaved loved ones, your hopes, dreams and desires, and cares before Him? He already knows your need. He just wants to be sought out first, before we take matters into our own hands. Maybe there’s a specific mechanic he wants you to visit with your car. Maybe the mechanic’s mom or dad is sick, and he would be so encouraged when you tell him you will pray for him. Maybe that realtor you hadn’t thought of using is a struggling single mom who isn’t sure God cares about her finances and struggling family. We were called to be salt and light everywhere we go, in every situation! “Be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you.” (1 Pet. 3:15) God already ordained the open doors He has for you today and how He wants to use you to bless others and others to bless you. All He’s waiting for is for you to humbly ask, “God, guide me today in what you have for me and who you want to bless and encourage through me.” He will. There’s a world of hurt and loneliness out there right now. Even more so with the pandemic. Are you available to be used by the King? Are you ready to see Him open doors that only He could envision and prepare? Are you ready to see Him work on your behalf as a loving Father and best friend? Go to Him right now. He wants to bless you, transform you, and use your life to bless and encourage others with His amazing love! He’s only a prayer away.