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Monday, 21 September 2020 13:27

                                                                HE KNOWS WHERE THE FISH ARE


     “When He had finished speaking he said to Simon, ‘Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch. Simon answered, ‘Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.’ “

     Ever tried your best at something only to have it fall apart in front of you? I felt this way about my divorce. I tried everything to save my marriage and yet, I couldn’t. I ran a shuttle business for 3 years and finally had to shut it down. I tried really hard to be a good dad, yet my kids haven’t spoken to me in years. Maybe you have tasted failure too. At those times, when we’ve given it our all, only to have the walls come crashing down, the words of Jesus to “Put out into deep water and let down your nets”, sound ridiculous at best, and cruel at worst. Doesn’t he know what I’ve been through? Doesn’t he know I don’t have anything left in me? Doesn’t he care? We get a little glimpse of those feelings from Peter’s response. “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught a thing.” You don’t catch fish in the heat of the day. You don’t catch fish in deep water. You don’t feel like trying again when you have failed miserably. Yet I love his response. “But at your command, I’ll put down the nets.” In other words, I will do it because you are Lord and you told me to, so I will obey. Peter is frustrated, defeated and discouraged. Yet, he obeys. Maybe you know his place. Maybe you wonder if God is really for you. His commands sometimes seem to totally defy logic. “Keep on praying for your unsaved loved ones. Keep on waiting for the right spouse. Keep on praying for and teaching that wayward teenager. Keep on loving your neighbor even though they hate your religion and your politics. Keep on being a witness at work, even though they ridicule you and want nothing to do with your Jesus.

     The biggest temptation we face when we experience repeated failure or see nothing change is to either give up or worse, take matters into our own hands. Many times in the Old Testament we read the words, “And it seemed good to him…” Usually what follows is disaster. We don’t like to wait. We especially don’t like to wait while being kept in the dark! Peter knew how to fish. It’s what he did! And along comes Jesus, after a very frustrating night fishing, and tells him to do what is so contrary to what he knows so well. But he does it anyway!

     I know you may be reading this and identifying with Peter right now. I am involved in a few prayer groups and I hear of broken lives, families, finances, health, and disaster happening every week. Imagine telling those people to head out into deep water and let down their nets! Seriously? That isn’t even funny! Jesus has just finished teaching the crowds about the word of God. The disciples had just finished fishing. Now he was going to make the lesson about the Word much more real, and personal. Let me ask you a question. How do you think Jesus knew where the fish were going to be? Because He’s God. Correct. Let’s take this a little deeper. It wasn’t just that he knew where they were going to be. He put them there! He’s God! We get flustered over seemingly unanswered prayers and longings. The enemy whispers 24/7 that we’re wasting our time and what we so desire isn’t coming….Ever! He lies. He deceives. And we get tempted to act outside of God, or to give up on our praying/giving/encouraging/believing/sharing/submitting/trusting. DON’T!

     God put those fish exactly where he told Peter to go. God knows exactly what, when and how the answers to your deepest prayers looks like. God knows all! Fish don’t gather in deeper water. Fish don’t bite in the heat of the day. And when you trust and obediently follow the God of the impossible, you must get used to one plus one equaling three. He has a way of confounding the ‘wisdom’ of man. He has a way of showing up and doing the amazing. He has a way…….

     Just ask those who crossed the great sea on dry land. Just ask a one hundred year old man who had a baby. Just ask the man who saw time stand still so he had more daylight to defeat the enemy. Just ask the guy who slept with lions and didn’t become dinner. Just ask the 3 men who walked around in a furnace and didn’t get charred. Just ask Jairus after his little girl was brought back from the dead. And just ask a guy named Lazarus who had been wrapped and buried. Need I go on?

     God knew where He was going to put the fish and he didn’t let the guys catch anything the night before. He wanted them to know WHO HE WAS, not just what He could teach! Just like He wants to do for you at His right time, in His right way, and for His glory alone! He is faithful. He is good. He is compassionate. He is infinitely wise, and discerning. And His timing is never off! If ever His plans were one tenth of a second late, He wouldn’t be Sovereign! He wouldn’t be God. And your hopes would be in vain! But He is! And He knows, much better than we can imagine! (Eph. 3:20) So keep on praying. Keep on trusting. Keep on obeying. Keep on serving, witnessing, sharing and humbly trusting the amazing God who not only knows just where the fish you need are, but will put them in the perfect place at the right time in a way you could never have envisioned or imagined. “Master, at your command I will put down my nets.”

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