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Wednesday, 19 August 2020 13:54

                                                                                BAD MIX


     You’ve heard me say I go running by the Hudson River. This morning, a couple was trying to start their boat at the launch. It was putting out a lot of smoke as I heard the gentleman say, “Bad mix. Oil and gas.” I didn’t think anything of it until heading up the hill I walk. The Lord told me to write about it and I knew immediately what He meant.

     The Bible asks, “What fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Cor. 6:14) We often attribute this counsel to dating and being unequally yoked. But I think we can broaden that meaning to include just about everything in our daily lives. What fellowship is there with craving ‘likes’ on social media when you’ve posted your exotic pictures of your beautiful life, family, vacation, house, and so on? What fellowship is there between having people drool over your beautiful body in your skimpy outfits plastered all over social media? My niece told me of a friend that posts pictures of herself on social media with a Bible verse on one page and a picture of her in a bikini on another. Which one glorifies Christ? Which one is the real her? Which one generates more likes? Again, unequally yoked is a term we limit just to dating. How about those ‘friends’ we go to happy hour with? How about those ‘reality’ shows we watch that make a mockery of marriage and the courtship process? I know a gentleman that wants to do some major excavation in my back yard (I’m tearing in my pool), but he wants to do it for cash and without insurance. He says it’ll save me thousands. What fellowship would I be having with him if I said yes? Thousands of my coworkers at the airline I work for are collecting unemployment due to furloughs because of Covid. They say it’s too bad I can’t find work ‘under the table’ so it won’t mess up my unemployment. What would my witness mean then? What fellowship would I be having with my employer if I said, “Pay me in cash so it won’t mess up my unemployment. Oh and by the way, do you know my Jesus?” Some witness!

     I had a friend who’s best friend was ‘religious’ and living with her boyfriend. She was convinced she was a Christian because she went to church and was a ‘nice person’. My friend convinced herself her buddy was a Christian because it made her feel better about hanging out with her. She never stopped to realize this relationship was drawing her away from Christ. There’s an old but wise adage that says “you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.” We can make ourselves believe just about anything we choose to, if it fits our plans and desires. The truth is our desires are Kingdom centered or earthly centered. You can’t serve two masters (Matt. 6:24) and you can’t worship two kingdoms. If you try, you will end up lukewarm at best, and pulled away from Jesus at worst. My mom heard a great line on Christian radio many years ago. “It’s easier for the person on the floor to pull you off the table than it is for you to lift someone up from the floor onto the table.” It’s called gravity and it’s just as true in work relationships as it is in dating or people you connect with on social media.

     Light has no fellowship with darkness. They are opposites for a reason. Our light as believers in Jesus is supposed to shine in the darkness so they will come to Christ. But hanging out with the deeds of darkness, whether it be in dating, going to happy hour, hanging out with ungodly friends, going to bars, or doing business deals with the unscrupulous is a recipe for disaster. Many have reaped the whirlwind because they chose to ‘fellowship’ with those in darkness. You will find yourself in deep regret. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Samson!

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