Holes in the Bottom
Written by RGT   
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 13:36

                                                                                HOLES IN THE BOTTOM


     Life here on earth is painful. Duh! We live in a fallen world. Because of sin, there is death, temptation, broken hearts, broken bodies, broken relationships, and broken dreams. God does cause all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Rom. 8:28) But let’s face it; a lot of those “all things”, we could do without! They hurt! If you’re over 16, I don’t have to tell you that! I despise the statement, “Time heals all wounds.” I don’t believe that. Time may cover the wound, but it won’t heal it. Only God can truly heal the wounds we acquire here on earth. We accumulate scars as we go through our journey on this broken planet. An old friend from Pittsburgh used to say to me, “When your kids are little they dance on your toes. When they grow up they dance on your heart.” Quite true. Many of you reading this have taken some serious hits during life here on earth. Disease, loss of loved ones, wayward children, unsaved family, divorce, betrayal by friends, financial disaster, I could literally go on all day. I remember the line from big John in the movie, “The Green Mile.” John had been used for some pretty incredible feats and told the jailer at one point, “I’m tired boss.” As you get older and have acquired some scars, you get tired. But just like pottery is easily cracked, we are called jars of clay in 2 Cor. 4:7. In these “earthen vessels” we hold the love, grace, truth, and mercy of God in Christ within us.

     Most of you have seen the show “Hoarders”. It’s pretty sick to watch and very sad. We were never meant to hoard all that God has given us down here, and one of the main things God wants to pour through your life is His comfort, demonstrated through us by listening, helping, caring, sharing, praying, serving, and allowing Him to bless and encourage others through us.  As we are broken by life’s hurts and disappointments, God heals us to make us stronger in Him, and yet tender toward others in their season of suffering, loss and grief. If we were never broken, we would become tough, callous, self-righteous, and indignant to the plight of others around us. I never could have envisioned myself divorced 15 years ago. Never. I lost one of the best friends I ever had in my mom. We have all gone through cuts and tears that tore at the fabric of our beings. And God puts us back together, slowly. One piece at a time. In that, we better understand His grief at watching His precious Son crucified for our wickedness. We understand that love comes at a very high price. And we grasp experientially that when you love….you will get hurt. It’s all part of the fall of man. But our loving Heavenly Father puts us back together; patiently, tenderly, wisely. Then when we encounter others enduring pain and suffering, we truly have something personal to offer; the very same comfort God has given us. (2 Cor. 1:3-5)

     God never intended His children to become hoarders, either of blessings or the comfort and healing He provides when we need it most. We are broken in this fallen world and put back together better than before, that we could identify with the hurts, pain and suffering those around us may be enduring, or about to. Stop the busyness of life and social media for just a few minutes. Quiet your spirit. Ask God to show you one individual that may be hurting or broken. He will. Then He will use you as a ‘put back together’ vessel to be His love and comfort to that person. Nothing in this life can be more meaningful or fulfilling than sharing the love, truth, and mercy of God’s love in Jesus Christ. Let Him heal through you today!

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